Yamato Dinner

Seasonal Cuisine of Yamato
(Reservation is requested by up to 7days before)

Tenri city (where we produce the Gagaku Experience.

Check how to access), Nara city, and those surrounding area

have been historically called “Yamato”.

Because of the Yamato area is wholly surrounded by

many mountains and has a good difference of temperature in a day,

vegetables and other harvests are

grown nicely and have rich varieties.

in a Buffet Style

After the stage show and workshop, enjoy Yamato Cuisine.

We serve healthy, vegetable main dishes in a buffet style, if you like, with Sake.

Most of the dishes are from local farmers.


at the Parksidekitchen

The Restaurant “Parksidekitchen” we serve

the cuisine is just next to the stage.

The shape of the building is inspired by a Kofun;

ancient megalithic tombs.

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