Stage Show

Powered by Tenri Univ.

We perform instrumental Gagaku music with dance

which is called “Bugaku” for the stage.

Almost all of the seats are prepared for the front row of the show.

Part of the sales will go to the next generaion.

All of the performances are powered by Alumni of Tenri Univ.which is very famous for its high-level performances.

Although Gagaku performed by the Music Department of the Imperial Household was even inscribed on the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in accordance with the UNESCO Convention, numbers of players of the music and dance have been dramatically decreasing recently.

In this Gagaku Experience, part of proceeds from sales will be used for Tenri university Gagaku club for their education, development of Gagaku, and the succession to next generation.


The History

Tenri Univ. was founded in 1925 by Shozen Nakayama who was the 2nd Shinbashira(spiritual and administrative leader) of Tenrikyo Religion, as the first Japanese coeducational foreign language school.

The Gagaku club was established in 1951 for study and acquire the technic of the Japanese Traditional fine art of music.

They have performed Gagaku not only in Japan but also in over 42 countries, for example, United States, China, Korea, Germany, France, U.K., Russia, Vietnam, and so on.

In addition to those international concert and annual domestic concert, the alumni of the univ. performed the music and dance on many TV programs and movies.