What is GAGAKU?
The Story of 1300years

Gagaku, meaning “elegant music”, is an ancient court music of Japan.

The music is of foreign origin and imported largely from China and Korea as early as the 6th century and established as a court tradition by the 8th century.

Mostly, and mainly it is played by three instruments which are Hichiriki, Sho, and Ryuteki. It is about the 10th century when it completed in its artistic form, and from whence it has been passed down from generation to generation under the patronage of the Japanese Imperial Family.

Instrumental performances of gagaku with dance are called Bugaku which you can enjoy in this show and the workshop.







「Irodori Gagaku Project」(彩り雅楽プロジェクト)は各種文化イベントやレストラン・カフェなどでのひとときに、雅楽で華を添えるプロジェクトです。